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High precision

The main pillar of our activity is professional machining as well as locksmith’s and welding works. Due to rich and modern machinery we can offer You services of the highest quality. We provide technological and constructional consultancy regarding material processing. Thanks to cooperative collaboration we are able to cover manufactured details with electrolytic coating and use powder coating and heat treatment.


We produce

• shafts, pins, bearing shells, casings, screws, nuts, rings, sleeves, gear and chain wheels,

• steel constructions as well as aluminium (constructions of halls, stores, pavilions, umbrella roofs, roofs, stairs, landings, trusses, posts, individual constructions, atypical construction elements),

• fences, gates, grates, balustrades, barriers of our own design and also co-designed with client

• tanks, containers: round, square and rectangular, storage systems (rack, tables, containers, baskets, casings, lockers)


We offer

• turning and boring

• milling

• grinding

• cutting and bending of sheets

• welding of carbon & stainless steel and aluminium

• drilling and many other locksmith’s services